San Joaquin Valley Sober Living Homes

San Joaquin Valley Sober Living Homes

A Team of Professionals Dedicated to Optimizing Human Performance in Work, Sports and Daily Life. A California drug and alcohol rehab, the Above It All program itself takes a truly broad approach to all-over health—health of the mind, body, and spirit Individual counseling and group sessions are important, but we also incorporate yoga, nature walks, nutrition therapy, and more—again, with the end California addiction intervention goal being a lifelong commitment to recovery and to healthy living.

Proximity to some of the country’s most beautiful scenery- snow-capped mountains, sparkly Pacific beaches, sprawling state parks—along with a reputation for forging new frontiers in science and medicine makes California drug rehab programs extremely attractive.

We provide very flexible, fully integrated programs including Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Social Model and Medical Detox, Partial and Full Day Treatment, Intensive morning and evening Outpatient, Pain Management support, Residential Rehab and Treatment, Intensive Inpatient Residential, Extended Care Program, Alternative Sentencing Programs, Recovery and Sober Living Homes.

Bathum, whose empire included the Seasons rehab center in Malibu and who described himself as The Rehab Mogul,” is accused of sexually assaulting nine female patients, sometimes providing them with drugs as they struggled to overcome their addictions.

The total fee for alcohol and drug rehab treatment at New Directions for Women is based upon each woman’s length of stay, which varies according to the severity of the patient’s illness, progress through the alcohol and drug treatment process, and any ancillary therapeutic services.

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