How to travel technologically smart!

Traveling has become the most popular hobby for everyone on earth today. Each one of us is trying to save up money, book a ticket and go on a trip which makes us cherish our life better. But we are living in a technologically smart era. As much as we would like to travel and go into the wild exploring – we would like to take the help of the technology to make our travel smarter, safer and easier!

A technologically smart traveller makes use of a variety of tools, applications and hacks to make his journey a super adventurous one. While you might be planning your next trip, and figuring out new ways to make them simpler – here are a few ways to travel technologically smart!

  1.    Super durable luggage!

Of course, backpacking is one of the lightest ways to travel, but if you aren’t into that zone a right-hand luggage or baggage will do! But given the way we travel today why not pick up on something that is durable, scratch proof, ultra-styling, water-proof and even lets you put up things in the right order! Well, there are brands which have come up with ultra-stylish baggage that let you arrange stuff inside while keeping it safe from outside. Order any from your online voucher for a money saving deal!


  1.    Personal water filter

Taking care of your health is of utmost importance. You won’t get clean and healthy water everywhere you go, and that is why there is personal water filter specially crafted for you! The personal water filter is made of stainless steel and has activated carbon capsule in it to purify the water you drink. Just use the filter as a straw, and you shall get only pure, healthy and good taste water. These filters are non-battery operated and hence made for a cheap buy!


  1.    Personal espresso maker

If coffee is the first thing you need in the morning no matter you are on a hill or a beach, then this gadget is surely your best friend. A little thermos-like container helps you brew coffee easily and fast while helping you dispenses the coffee just like an espresso. Makes coffee just for one at a time and supremely small – these are perfect for solo travels. Buy them at promotion or pick from the best of brands at offers for the best price!


  1.    Wood burning camp stove

Think of new age travelling and you will be amazed at the wonders that wood burning camp stove can do. While burning fire and letting you get warm in the backpacking trips in the night, this is a great technology-laden device which helps you convert heat into electricity which allows you to charge mobile phones, LED lights, play music stereos and more. This is a must-have when you are travelling into the wild where there shall not be enough power!


  1.    Smart watch

Wearable tech is the coolest trend this year making tracking of everything from roads to even your pulse rates possible! The smart watch from most companies are water-proof, scratch proof, vibration proof and shock proof to help you track directions, distance, time, altimeter, etc. easily. It can also tell you your heart rate, miles walked per day and the calories burned. This one is like a health best friend and a guide around your wrist!


  1.    Cell phones and applications!

Mobile phones have certainly made our life easier. When you have plans of travelling any place in the world a variety of apps come to your aid for letting you reach there with ease. Make sure you have applications like Maps, ticket & hotel booking online application, food search application, information application, bank account application and even applications to connect to the family members. This will enable you to plan anything anytime and convey it to your friends to make the most of technology and move around the world smartly!


  1.    GoPro!

Camera for the travellers! This small camera makes it easier to record while you are on the move. Being the smallest of camera, it gets a fish eye view too for covering what you see! Therefore, makes for a very technology advanced way to record all that you see while travelling!

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Be smart- travel technologically smart!