DVR 027 720p Dash Camera

The DVR-027 sprint cam is a totally famous cam that has been out for numerous years now. The digicam is also known as the DVR-037 , DVR-007 or every so often simply classified as vehicle DVR HD 720p. there is a DVR-047 version that is fake and does not shoot in 720p HD.

notice that the 6 LED lighting provide no real advantage whilst used as a sprint cam. hence some people pick the sleeker layout of the DVR-007 with out the LED lights as visible underneath. This digital camera is equal internally but the screen does not rotate just like the DVR-027.

DVR-007 Dash Cam

This sprint cam has confirmed to be a totally dependable digicam with properly video quality. there are many faux variations of this dash cam to be had as well. Video quality of the fake cameras is drastically worse than the actual DVR-027.

  • The DVR-027 become firstly based at the instruct 10P Zoran ZR36482BGCF processor as pictured below.
  • The contemporary DVR-027 fashions seem to include the more recent educate 12MDV ZR364249BGCG processor.

Note that a new model has been released, known as the DVR-207. it’s far pretty similar to the DVR-027 however comes with more moderen firmware and no gaps between files.

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Commonly, there aren’t any publicly available tools to extract the firmware on Zoran based devices. therefore, while buying this digital camera, you will probable now not be able to upgrade the firmware within the destiny. If firmware files emerge as effortlessly to be had, we are able to post them here such as the technique on how to upgrade.

Unique vs faux models

Given the recognition of this camera, there are dozens of fake fashions available on the market. there are numerous ways to inform the distinction between unique DVR-027 models and faux fashions.

The unique statistics the time on the top center of the display screen with black numbers on a white historical past. Fakes use green numbers and write them to the aspect.
The authentic makes use of the H.264 codec. Fakes use the mjpeg codec
The original records at: 640×480, 848×480, 1280×720. Fakes statistics at 720×480 instead of 848×480. Fakes may also offer 800×six hundred or 1280×720, but will document at 640×480 (decision is interpolated).
The authentic facts in AVI layout. Fakes file in MOV layout.
The unique viewing perspective is 120 °. Fakes viewing perspective ~ 40-60 °.
The authentic has an HDMI output. Fakes do no longer have an HDMI output (as an instance, it’s far changed with a sticky label). a number of the fakes have an HDMI port, but it isn’t connected to the board
The authentic has a detachable battery. Fakes do now not have removable batteries.
authentic comes in a blue box. fake comes in a white container.
a terrific rule of thumb is that if the digital camera is promoting for under $50, it is a faux.
word that faux DVR-027 may additionally have some or the various above capabilities. So pay attention to all of the features now not just a selected function. purchasing from a good supplier will help you buy an original version.

Most of the fake DVR-027’s are just low nice preferred Definition cameras rather than excessive Definition cameras.

Acknowledged issues

There are not many important issues with this digicam and it has confirmed to be pretty dependable.

Gaps among videos

The principle trouble pronounced with the aid of users is a significant hole among videos (1 to five seconds). this will be quite mitigated through

using a good best class 6 or better SD-Card (elegance 10 is first-rate).
layout the SD-card. SD-card parameters should be as follows: record device – FAT32, cluster size – sixty four KB
layout the card within the digicam
certainly one of our participants,, done a take a look at on gaps between documents for this digital camera in this thread and came to the realization 15 min segments decrease the overall ability lack of photos. The details for the DVR-027, elegance four card formatted with fats 32 and 64 kB clusters are as follows:

Empty card

– 2 min segments: average recording time: 1 min 59.four S, common gap: 2.5 S (misses 2.1%)
– 5 min segments: common recording time: four min fifty nine.1 S, average hole: S (misses 1.0%)
– 15 min segments: average recording time: 14 min 58.9 S, common gap: four.1 S (misses 0.5%)

full card
– 2 min segments: average recording time: 1 min fifty eight.nine S, average gap: 2.7 S (misses 2.2%)
– five min segments: common recording time: four min 59.2 S, common hole: four.6 S (misses 1.5%)
– 15 min segments: average recording time: 14 min fifty nine.2 S, average gap: four.0 S (misses 0.five%)

Interferes with the radio

Interference can be as a result of the 12-5v Converter supplied. buy any other converter – trendy 12-5V USB.

cognizance is bad whilst recording

The hassle is probably related to a damaged lens. you can attempt to go back the goods to the vendor and ask for a alternative.

Decode Firmware number

The firmware range contains the discharge date of the firmware and version inside the following layout YY MM DD N, wherein YY – yr, MM – month, DD – day, N – firmware version. for instance, if the firmware range is 1007060, it may be decoded as follows: