Cheap things to do in Dubai with children

Kids are expensive.  They always want to do things and are very rarely happy with being given a stick and being told, ‘This is all we had when I was growing up.’

If you’re looking for cheap things to do in Dubai with kids, you’re in the right place.  Book your cheap hotel in Dubai and you’re set for the budget holiday of a lifetime.

The great thing about Dubai is that everything feels premium, regardless of price, so nobody will even know.


If it’s not too hot, take your littles ones to the beach for a fun day of sun, sea and sand.  Play out in the waves at Jumeirah Beach or if you’re into activities, head down to Kite Beach to see what exciting things you can do with your kids.  A trip to the beach should always be free, so this is one of the cheapest things you can do with your kids in Dubai.

Keep an eye out for a free hotel bus to the beach, most of them will offer one and this way you’re only paying for food and drinks at the beach.

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Dubai Mall Dino

The most complete dinosaur in the world with over 90% original fossilized bones, the DubaiDino is Dubai Mall’s most popular resident.  The Diplodocus longus exhibit is over 155 million years old and looks absolutely stunning in the Dubai Mall Souk Dome.  You could sit and eat in The Cheesecake Factor’s patio area which is directly underneath the DubaiDino, which is a real treat for the kids.

All you’ll be paying to visit the DubaiDino is your travel costs to and from the Dubai Mall and, let’s face it, you were going there anyway.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

Something else to do at Dubai Mall.  Head on down to the Dubai Mall Acquariaum and Underwater Zoo.  Although you can pay for entrance and the fees are pretty reasonable, you can stand and enjoy the view from the front of one of the largest aquariaums in the world without spending a penny.  It may sound boring on paper but trust me, once you get there, you’ll see what we mean.

If you’ve got shark-mad kids they’ll love it.

Dubai Ice Rink

A third thing-to-do at Dubai Mall, did you know there’s a huge ice rink inside Dubai Mall?  Pop on over to the Dubai Ice Rink for a go on the ice.  They even offer classes if you’re a bit unsteady or unsure.

You can jump on the ice for an hour and a half for 60 AED (£12.50) for adults, 35 AED (£7.50) for kids and 12 AED (£2.50) to borrow some ice skates and socks.

One adult and two kids plus gear hire is under 170 AED (£35.50).


Everybody loves to trampoline.  It’s just a switch that flickers on at some point and doesn’t really go out.  For a great round of fun, head on down to Bounce Dubai.  This trampoline park + parkour obstacle course, called X-Park, is a great way to not only have fun but be active while doing it.

Have a bouncing competition with the family, see who can bounce their way up the high walls and who can pull off the coolest tricks with a very budget-friendly pricing structure.

For a general access ticket with access to just the trampoline park you’re looking at around 80 AED (£16.50) per person.

For a premium access ticket with access to the trampoline park and parkour obstacle course you’ll pay 100 AED (£21) per person.

You can opt for the Family Ticket, which covers up to two adults and two children for 240 AED (£50).

It really is a lot of fun.