Bluetooth headhones

The appearance of wireless headphones for many people has one of the top priorities during the selection. If you choose headphones for home use, then you can focus only on your own taste. But if you choose headphones for use on the street or during sports, I highly recommend choosing the most compact models.

I think no one wants to look like a Cheburashka in the street, so compact models are preferable to pretentious and bulky ones.

When choosing an in-line headphone, pay special attention to their appearance and the type of attachment in the ear or ear. You should absolutely everything, otherwise the headphones will only irritate you and you will not get any pleasure from the music.

bluetooth headphones


If possible, try to choose the headphones of famous brands. This is due not only to the quality of production but also to ergonomics. Probably, it’s not obvious to you, but large companies spend a lot of money to create a comfortable form of headphones. They really try to make the headphones so that they are as comfortable, beautiful and functional as possible.

Another advantage of buying best Bluetooth headphones from a well-known brand is the quality assembly and good materials. Do not forget about the warranty. Major brands have either their own service centers or contracts for servicing their equipment. While if you buy inexpensive Chinese wireless headphones you will not have anywhere to give them under warranty in case of a breakdown.

Battery capacity

Wireless headphones work at the expense of energy from the built-in battery. The more its capacity – the longer the headphones work. Modern headphones can work up to 30 hours without recharging. In-channel wireless headphones usually work up to 10 hours, because they have built-in small batteries.

Pay attention to the battery life, because the less it is, the more often you will have to put the headphones on charging. And the higher the chance that the headphones will sit at the most inopportune moment and you will remain without music.

Many wireless headphones have a connection on the wire, but who takes it with them? I think very few, so always monitor the battery level and regularly charge the headphones.

Additional functions


When choosing wireless headsets and headphones, pay attention to the additional functions that they are equipped with.

For example, if you want to connect 2 pairs of headphones to the phone at the same time, or to one phone and computer headphones, these devices must support the Multipoint function. This is a very convenient feature. For example, you have a laptop and phone, you decide to work in a coffee shop, or you eat on the train and do not want to disturb others. You can connect the laptop and phone to the headphones, so you can listen to music from your computer and do not miss the phone call.

Another additional feature is the ability to call the voice assistant of your phone, it can be Siri , Alexa , Cortana or Google Assistant . Best Bluetooth Headphones should have this function if you need it and you are accustomed to using it. About such support any manufacturer proudly writes on the packaging, so if it is – you do not miss it.